Thursday, July 26, 2012

Electric City Riders

Here are some photos from this past Sunday at Electric City Riders club. These folks have been running a short track series near Schenectady N.Y. (Electric City) for decades, although the track venue changed a few years ago from their original site near Rt.88 to a newer site. The old track was a pretty flat 1/4 mile dirt track that I really liked, the new track is a 3/8 mile flat track that is faster but a little rougher, so it's hard on the ol' vintage suspension.

We hung out with Hugh and Fumi since they pitted next to us. Unfortunately, even though this club has been doing this for decades, they can't seem to run the show on any sort of schedule, so we were doing a lot of hanging out.

Hugh has been building this Gold Star for a while now. It hasn't been 100% reliable, and this weekend he added a couple more items to the to-do list. It's a pretty bike though, and a rare one since BSA only sold around 200 of these frames.

I have no idea what we're talking about.

I raced in the Vintage Medium class again, got a 2nd in my heat race and a 3rd in the feature behind Nick Weimer and Aaron Richtmeyer.

I also raced in the 50+ class, which was populated with modern 450's and one Rotax. I had a decent heat race, maybe 3rd? In the feature I was running in third for a few laps until I crashed coming on the the front straight. They threw the red flag for me, so I was able to get up, get a push start and finish the race, but my handlebar had gotten pushed forward to a point that all I could really do was ride around.

The GoPro videos are posted on youtube on my channel, which is now just my name instead of 39XT500.

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