Thursday, March 1, 2012

XL600 Streettracker

Here are a couple more photos I dug up of my '86 Honda XL600 streettracker.

This is me racing it at the Bangor 1/2 mile, I think in August of 2000, against #76 Bruce Lyskawa. He was part owner of Erion Racing for awhile. I enjoyed being in front of him.

This is at the Sandbar in Milton, getting ready to go out on the ice with Rees and his buddy. I had replaced the stock steel tank with a fiberglass tank from Omar's.


  1. Cool stuff man!!! Hey any news on Jolly opening for this season? Lotta racers out there would like any info.....tracks phone# no good.. My gmail is....mikecsiki22@gmail.com

  2. Thanks, haven't heard a word about Jolly Rogers. I think it's going to be Electric City this year, but I'll post up news if Marco has a series.