Monday, October 10, 2011

XC Trip day 13

Our first day off the bikes. We got to sleep in a bit, and then Richard and Sandy took us to breakfast at one of their favorite restaurants a couple towns away.
After breakfast we drove to the beach for a little sight-seeing. I hadn't realized what the plan was, it took us quite awhile to get to the beach considering it was supposedly 10 miles away,but then Richard pulled up to a beach entrance, paid the lady, and we drove right onto the beach....oh, you can do that here?

Oceano, Grover and Pismo Beach. I think this was the only stretch of California beach where you can drive on and have access to the dunes. And tons of people do it. With trucks, buggies, quads and motorcycles. You can rent dune buggies there, 2 seaters up to 8 seaters. They look like fun, but I bet they're underpowered, they use a decidedly industrial looking Honda V-twin.

I did a little bird watching as well, then we drove further up the coast for an early supper in another town that I forgot the name of. There was a Farmers Market on a boardwalk by the beach. Very nice. We drove down a pier and stopped to look at seals lounging on a floating dock. And after dinner Richard drove us to a scenic overlook, but by that time the sun had set. We saw some Mule Deer browsing there though.

Uncle Richard and Sandy's house in Santa Maria.

There's almost always a photo opportunity with Unc. Richard!

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