Monday, May 30, 2011

Bonneville Bimble

I took the Bonneville out for what the Brits would call a bimble, a short leisurely ride to nowhere, just to make sure it would be reliable.
I stopped to take this bucolic picture.

The cows were curious so they started walking over to check me out. It reminded me of a story in Chuck Yeager's biography, when he was shot down behind enemy lines in Europe during WWII.
He learned that sometimes German snipers would hang out in the trees near a pasture, but that the cows would invariably come over to check them out, and thus give away their position. It pays to grow up on a farm...

Anyway about a minute after I took the pic, the Bonneville started acting up just as it had last year. I guess I didn't get all the rust out of the tank.

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