Tuesday, March 22, 2011


One of the reasons I haven't been posting much is that I got really sick of anything to do with motorcycles. I know, I blaspheme, but hear me out. I siezed the YZ 134. Again....

I thought I had the jetting pretty well squared away, and I probably was close, so I went out to just do some more testing. I was riding a road course on the south side of the sandbar, it was about 10 degrees out. I took a couple slow practice laps to let the engine warm up, then I picked up the pace. Too quickly. The engine sized just as I shifted into 6th.

So this is what a "cold sieze" looks like.

I have to mic the cylinder to see how bad it is. Maybe I can clean it up and just put a new piston in...probably not though.

I went into the garage on Sunday, looked at all the bikes, turned around and walked back out.

When it actually gets warm, maybe then I'll be inspired.

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