Sunday, November 22, 2009

'65 (?) Sears/Gilera 106SS

This bike belonged to my brother Mark for a while, I'm guessing he got it in the late '70s. Then he sold it to his friend Kathy sometime in the '90s. It sat in her shop for several years. I saw it there and took pity on it, brought it up to my house for a little TLC. Unfortunately, the TLC took a few years to apply, and in the end had to be scaled back for financial reasons, but at least it finally got some attention.
Now it runs. Cool bike. It's a Gilera 106 rebadged and sold by Sears. Pushrod engine has pretty good torque and wide gearing.

The headlight works! The bike had a huge Japanese muffler on it when I got it, I put the shorty on. Sounds good.


  1. I owned this identical bike in 1967. Glad to see one running. Bought it new on sale from Sears for $199.00

  2. Cool. I got one for free several years ago and now trying to start it and see if its worth restoring. Its a for-fun thing. Be sure to check out www.NeeGod.com on ur free time... Good day.

  3. hey im looking for a piston for a 106 ss i have everything else if anyone know where to get one let me know my name is chris and i can b reached at 517 740 9493 thanks

  4. Hi Chris, sorry to take so long to reply. I found some valuable info on the yahoo group forum for the sears 106, but most parts were found on ebay.
    Much patience required...

  5. Does any one know where I could find one of these close to SC