Sunday, June 21, 2009

NEMM at Rocky Ridge Raceway

The second New England Mini Moto event of the season ran today in Graniteville VT, at the home track of vtshifterkarts.com
It's a great little track with a surprising amount of elevation change and a good combination of tight and fast turns.

I managed to crash in every points race I entered. Not a very good showing, don't know how I did in the results, but last is never worth much. I also managed to wear out the promoter with my constant helpful comments and insight, sorry Aaron. I further managed to run over a guy's hand who happened to crash next to me, sorry Donald.
I did learn (...by accident...literally) why the XR100 was running so poorly (air filter), and I did determine that racing on 10+ year old crappy street tires is pretty much just a bad idea.

I did have a good time despite myself. Scott Baker graciously invited me to be his teammate on his CB125 for the enduro, which is becoming a tradition after the points racing is done. 2 riders per team, each rider with a 20 minute stint. His CB125 was a fun bike to race, decent power and tires that actually had grip.

Here's a vid of an open practice

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