Thursday, December 4, 2008

Heroes at Harrington 1/2 mile, 1984

Here are some slides I shot at the Harrington 1/2 mile, June of '84. It was the first time I'd seen a flattrack race, but I'd been reading about 'em, so I knew some names to watch out for. Jimmy Felice was a rookie that year (I think), Randy Goss was the defending champ (obviously), Springer and Graham were at their peak, and Honda was a real threat to win the championship. My wife and I paid for general admission tickets and stood by the fence coming out of T2 onto the back straight. I was hooked, but it took a looong time before I got around to racing or watching the pros go at it again.


  1. 1984 Harrington? All I can remember was that it was VERY hot, VERY dusty and someone left behind a nice Yamaha jacket.

  2. Those shots have a great feel. They're slides? Lovely.

  3. Great action shots. Makes me feel like I'm sliding an XR750 around a flat track while sitting behind my desk! Good work.