Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Bill and I made our way to Indianapolis for the inaugural MotoGP and the Indy Mile. We caught some great racing at both venues.

The MotoGP racing had it's ups and downs, the bikes/riders/sounds were great, the track was OK as half-tracks go, probably better than most but I still prefer a complete road course. Here's a clip of the front straight, we just sat down in front of the paddock when the first bikes came down the straight. You'll hear the riders down-shifting to set up for turn one, and as you'll see, we were enjoying the reverb in the covered grandstand...

The Indy Mile was what made the weekend for us. The weather turned out great for the evening, the racing was epic, we saw some great interviews with "King" Kenny Roberts, Jay "The Gunslinger" Springsteen and other legends. The race announcer did some of the interviews, he had a great voice, Bill and I were imitating him the rest of the weekend till our throats were sore. We checked out the track and pits after the show. Here's a shot of the groove heading into turn one...

Since the weather forecast for the Mile was sketchy, they dropped the Semi's from the program and just had 4 heats with the top 5 transferring to the Main. That did help move the program along. They also ran the Expert Twins Class and that turned out to be a great battle at the front with James Rispoli on a Lloyd Brothers RXV550 Aprilia sandwiched between a pair of Kawasaki 650's tuned by Bill Werner and ridden by Brock Schwarzenbacher and Chase Sconyers. These bikes and riders are the future of the sport and they are fast!

While we were in the Mile pits we caught up with some friends from Caferacer.net and some of the racers. It's always friendly in the Flattrack pits!

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